The Masters Life 2019 Wrap-Up

Well, thanks for joining us once again as we wrap up what was a thrilling Masters tournament. A classic Masters tournament you could say. And in the end, you had yourselves a classic Masters champion.

We talked about him earlier in the week.  Not sure exactly what he would do, but we knew he would get plenty of support along the way and once again, it’s Tiger Woods.  A thrilling comeback story.  He ends up with his fifth Green Jacket in a tournament that he was in contention for all the way, but wasn’t quite sure he could provide that magic until Sunday.

In fact, a lot of other concerns on Sunday. The weather was as much of a story as the people contending for that Green Jacket.  On Sunday – very unique for Augusta – the leaders off the tee at 9 a.m. instead of the afternoon.  You had groups, in fact, going off from both nines, off one and nine.

But it got exciting real quick, as It usually does on the back nine.  While Tiger made his charge for much of the day, it was Francisco Molinari, the leader by two strokes entering Sunday’s play.  It looked like he would be able to get it through that final round, but that that 12th hole struck.  As it has many times before.  A tee shot in the water on 12.  Goes into Rae’s Creek.  Leads to a double bogey. Another double bogey on 15 opens the gate for everybody to take their shot.

You had guys like Dustin Johnson.  A top-10 player.  One of the best going right now.  He gets close.  Brooks Koepka, winner of three of the last four major championships.  He got really close.  XanderSchauffele coming out of nowhere.

But in the end, who’s left standing?  The guy with the experience.  He’s a little older.  He’s a little worse for the wear nowadays.  But Tiger, with over two decades of experience, ends up on that 18th green with the Green Jacket once again.

So, a thrilling tournament.  We’re glad that you stuck around with us throughout the week.  We hope to see you next year.

For The Masters Life, this is Mike Anthony.

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