Mayor Jim Coppinger proposes raising more money for schools, sewers and jails

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Some residents of Hamilton county are going to see a tax increase.

The County mayor was joined by the school superintendent and the sheriff for the announcement at the courthouse this morning. Mayor Jim Coppinger presented a financial plan to fund school, economic development and infrastructure projects.

His plan would fund new schools and expand others, increase sewer coverage in the county and ease overcrowding at the county jail and at Silverdale.

He wants to pay for it by raising more money from the property tax millage rate and from a bond issue.

It is not technically a tax hike, but you will most likely pay more taxes, if the plan is approved.

Surrounded by school, county and business leaders, the Mayor said “I believe now is the best time for us, along with the county school system, our business leaders, our economic development team to meet these needs.”

Coppinger’s plan would increase funding for the school system to allow building of new schools, while expanding others and pay for other maintenance issues.

The plan would also fund a new waste water regional sewage treatment plant in the northeast part of county, which will help the county expand sewer coverage in that area.

And it would also address overcrowding in the jail system.

The plan would fund improvements at both the Hamilton County jail and the Silverdale facility.

Coppinger summed up by saying “What drives me, gets me up each and every day is two-fold. It’s all about education, because without education we will not have the workforce we need.. we’re not going to get that.”

“The other thing that really excites me is economic development and infrastructure. And we’re going to be able to meet those needs and I’m excited about that. I’m not so excited about the jail, ladies and gentlemen..”

The Mayor will submit his plan Wednesday at the County Commission meeting and hold a public hearing on September 6th.

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