Mayor reacts to N.Y. Times prediction of Covid-19 outbreak here

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The New York Times has put Chattanooga and Dalton on their list of locations for a possible spike of positive Covid 19 tests.

News 12’s Taylor Bishop has the details.

“When I saw the New York Times piece about us I was really upset.”

Chattanooga City Mayor Andy Berke held a press conference this afternoon after the concerning New York Times article.

“The numbers that we have seen are really concerning to me and I know to many in our city. We want to help people not only get tested but be safe in their everyday life.”

The New York Times surveyed the numbers over the last two weeks and found Chattanooga’s Covid-19 cases are doubling every nine days, and in Dalton every 11 days.

“This isn’t 2019.. we’re in Covid world, we have got to act like that and the more the message that’s out there that says ‘everything is back to normal.. just get back to normal’ the worse off our community will be.”

When asked would these results lead to another shutdown of businesses. Mayor Berke says that is out of the question.

“It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, but it is much more difficult for businesses to move up and down quickly a second time than it was that first time.”

Berke says the only way we are going to be able to curb the virus is to put our resources where we need to.

“We’ve got to do better that’s all I can say to this. We are where we are, we gotta do better.”

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