Mayoral Candidates Overcoming Low Funding

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Each mayoral candidate faces a set of obstacles from covid-19, money, and competing against over a dozen people.

Despite these challenges, a handful of candidates tell News 12 how they plan to defy the odds in order to become the next mayor of Chattanooga.

Monty Bruell says 15 mayoral candidates was unprecedented in Chattanooga.

What really took Bruell by surprise, was the financial disclosures filed by his opponents.

“As crazy as the race was, now people seem to be trying to buy the race with money” said Bruell.

With his smallest contribution being only 10 dollars, Bruell says his campaign from the beginning has been about engagement.

“We are doing this the old fashion way. We are shaking one hand at a time” says Bruell. “We’re knocking on one door at a time and we’re talking to people face to face. At the end of the day that is the strategy that is going to carry us to victory.”

“Will their policies make my life better” says George Ryan Love.

Love says his past experiences running for office are more value than campaign donations, “Unlike my candidates, I’ve run twice before. Some of them have never run before. They have money so what. I’ve taken on some of the most powerful politicians in the area and I didn’t care.”

“We’re neck and neck with our competitors and we’re doing it with a 5 thousand dollar budget” said Andrew McLaren.

McLaren believes policies should outweigh profits.

“There’s other candidates out there like Wade Hinton who has raised millions of dollars but Wade can’t buy a personality.

“We’re focused on the best policies and who has the best ideas. Not just trying to go out like Kim White and Wade and get money, money, money, money, money.”

“I’ve moved from poverty to prosperity” says Dr. Elenora Woods.

Woods says her ability to connect with everyday citizens and being a medical professional gives her a chance to stand. Especially during the Covid pandemic.

“I have the scientific background, the science background and understand how to deal with medical crisis” says Dr. Woods.

Early voting is from February 10th to the 25th. Election is on March 2nd. Reporting in Chattanooga winston Reed news 12 Now.

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