McCallie Baseball Field Includes Artificial Dirt

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Artificial turf for baseball fields is certainly something we’ve all seen before.But McCallie took it a step further. Their base paths are also artificial dirt.

From a distance, McCallie’s infield looks normal.
Steelman:”I remember when I first showed up. I thought it was dirt when I was out there. But then once I actually got here, I could see that it was turf.”
The turf field and turf dirt are easy maintenance, and it helps during bad weather.
Costo:”Early in the year we had the wettest baseball season I’ve seen in a long time. So we were really fortunate when the rain stops, as long as it’s not lightening, we can get out here and get some ground balls where nobody in town gets to do that unless you’re inside of course.”
But how does turf dirt play for an infielder?
Costo:”Yeah it’s definitely quicker. Absolutely it’s quicker and also it is a truer hop.
Adderley:”Turf is just. It gives you a boost of confidence as an infielder as well.”
Costo:”The only down side really is our infielders get a little bit lazy, and they’ll wait for the ball. So when we actually do play on natural turf, it affects us because they wait for that ball to come to them instead of coming to get it like they’re supposed to.
Reporter:”A lot of times when batters come in the batters box, the first thing they do is kick the dirt away. Is it funny when you watch them do it here?”
Adderley:”That’s pretty funny. But I know I’ve done it a couple of times, and I’m just like what am I doing really.”
The biggest adjustment on the turf dirt is sliding.
Adderley:”I know I can start my slide earlier and run as fast as I can. It was just. I almost flew into the third base dugout.”
Costo:”Because when you slide, you pick up speed when you slide sometimes, and these guys. These big boys can get going a little bit. Get their momentum, and they’ll slide past the bag, and we just hold that tag on them.”
Reporter:”Is it a home field advantage at all do you think here?”
Steelman:”I would say it is. It’s definitely different.”>

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