McCallie Continues to Roll Out Famous Hype Videos Ahead of Rivalry Game With Baylor

Chattanooga-(WDEF) The McCallie-Baylor football rivalry started in 1908, so there’s plenty of tradition to go along with the game.
Now McCallie may have a new tradition with the hype videos they put out before the Baylor game.
School videographer Brandan Roberts has teamed with students to produce the now famous videos for three straight years.
Girl singing:”Feel it coming in the air.”
The first shot of McCallie’s first hype video in 2015 showed this wasn’t your average high school production.
Said McCallie student Robert Noble, who has worked on all three videos:”I thought that the drone perspective would give a different kind of angle I guess to it that most other videos you would see don’t have.”
Kid rapping in video:”I’ll be rooting for McCallie.”
The overall production quality was certainly one of the reasons the video went viral.
Said Noble:”The day that we released it, Brandan kept calling me back to his office. Dude look at this. First we had like 600 views. Then we had a thousand views. Then it was a couple of thousand. We were like, we are going to hit 600-thousand views.”
Said Roberts:”Oh yeah. The first year was insane. We had no idea. No expectations or anything. To see it go on ESPN was pretty cool for sure. I think it was really cool for the guys to see.”
McCallie continued the music video trend in 2016 with ‘Can’t Hold Us’.
But this year, McCallie took a different approach with the video called ‘This is Our Game’.
Announcer:”The greatest rivalries are born with passion and pride. Past from father to son. The seeds are planted at the earliest age.”
Said Noble:”A little more I guess mature looking as a school to post something like this than a music video because it’s not like we are just railing on Baylor. It’s more focused on McCallie.”
Said Roberts:”You know we kind of took some jabs at them the first couple of years, but this year, we were very intentional. Kind of this is all about us. Positive. Keeping it on McCallie all the way.”
Reporter:”What is your reaction when you hear McCallie is coming out with a hype video before this game every year?”
Said McCallie head football coach Ralph Potter:”Well it’s funny. Everybody always asks me about that now. I was the first one to see it and gave it my thumbs up. So we are good to go.” (laughs)

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