McCallie Creates National Center for the Development of Boys

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-A National Center for the Development of Boys will now be based in the Scenic City.

Kenny Sholl, Assistant Headmaster,"Teaching boys since 1905 so we feel like we know how to do that, we feel like there is a need for in the world today and we are excited about sharing our practices, our thoughts and our ideas".

The research will be conducted by a team of three who will share data and results with the public.

Lee Burns, Headmaster of McCallie,"You know there are so many pressures that boys and girls face in their journey from childhood to adulthood and what we have seen with boys often times we see that they are not given a wholesome or healthy definition of manhood".

Leading sociologists have welcomed the research feeling the time is right to address the struggles of young men.

Dr. Bennett Judkins, Southern Adventist University Sociology,"To make a difference in how parents raise their children, how teachers teach in the classroom, the whole process of socialization may benefit from this research".

Dr. Judkins feels that a post industrial society is more women friendly and sees young men  slipping through the cracks.

"Men are probably doing as well as they did 40 or 50 years ago academically its just women have upped their game for a  lot of different reasons but there is something more disturbing and that is the jobs they used to seek are no longer there"

The non-profit center will have its own board of directors utilizing McCallie’s 900 students as an active case study.

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