McCallie & East Lake Elementary putting books in kids hands

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – McCallie teams up with East Lake Elementary to improve childhood literacy.

It’s a multilingual program that benefits students at both institutions.

See for yourself in tonight’s “What’s Right With Our Schools”.

JT Wu says “We’re happy to be here, presenting 3 distinct Legacy gifts to East Lake Elementary on behalf of Preface and some of our very generous sponsors.”

JT: when This is over 200 English and Spanish language children’s books that we are gifting to east lake elementary to support not only their in-house library but also virtual learners and virtual students during these incredibly challenging times. What we have seen in our pilot program and what we are already seeing here is that you know students in our programs are going from functionally illiterate to reading on track or above their grade level during their time with us. And that is because we are investing individual localized customized attention using language skills that they already have and the high schoolers already have, and empowering the students with a spirit of service to succeed.

Principal Joyce Lancaster: This is a wonderful gift. In May pre-face with McCallie contacted us about this wonderful literacy program that they wanted to implement in our school as well as work with their students at McCallie. The program talked about literacy and early literacy especially important to our children, to be successful.

Obner: This is fun because he’s telling how he broke his trunk.

JT: I’m from a community in Gwinnett county Georgia that is very very diverse. We’re seeing those kind of shifts and trans all across America. Where are you know maybe kids aren’t growing up really speaking English in the home so if they are being thrown into an academic setting, they are having to speak English and learned that at the same time they are learning about curriculums, that can be incredibly challenging. So for us it’s having meet them where they are. These are incredibly bright kids so if we can help them you know maybe the missing link is we can help them bridge that gap that goes such a long way to getting them on the path of success.

Natural Sound: [Notes:Reading book in Spanish]

Joyce: It is very important to get books in the hands of children. We have to teach them and this is how they are going to learn. Children learn when they see the excitement books brings to their lives. And sometimes it takes them into a Nother world. I say that, it takes them to a place that is amazing and how can I be part of this book. When I say book it somewhat of a fantasy but titles that are represented here are just wonderful.

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