McCallie Holding Two Week Football Training Camp on Campus

Chattanooga-(WDEF) To kick off high school football practice, many schools load up the bus and travel to a far away destination for fall camp. McCallie on the other hand does not have to hit the road to simulate the grind of an early season training camp.
Having a two week fall camp on the McCallie campus is a no-brainer as far as head coach Ralph Potter is concerned.
Said Potter:”I think it’s one of the biggest advantages that we’ve got at McCallie because we are a dorm school. So we have all the facilities right here.”
Said receiver Rico Dozier:”We have meals together. Have two practices a day. Lift three times a week. It’s more of just us coming together. Bonding.”
Said Potter:”We don’t ever have to worry about the heat. We can practice at night or early in the morning. We can meet with them. We watch film with them.”
Said linebacker Adams Robinson:”It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. I mean you are here for two weeks straight. There’s really no contact with the outside world.”
Said Dozier:”We really don’t have any contact really. Move night. That’s about it.”
Said Robinson:”Movie night is at the Majestic where we are going to see Dunkirk.”
Said Potter:”Yeah I’m a little bit of a history teacher too, so we’re going to watch Dunkirk. They are going to get a little bit of history. Doesn’t have enough Churchill in it I heard, but I think it’s pretty good.”
And great leaders like Churchill know the importance of chemistry and camaraderie among men.
Said Potter:”You know we talked to them yesterday about we are going to get on each other’s nerves a lot for the next two weeks. But if you really spend time. Try to hold each other accountable. Trying to spend time with each other. Get to know each other’s stories. Get to know each other’s families. You have to build up a certain amount of trust. To trust you have to be vunerable.”
The extra time together may be a necessity for this year’s McCallie team.
Potter:”We’re probably going to put at least on offense the youngest team I’ve ever put on the field. We could have five or six sophomores starting on offense.”

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