McCallie School cancels international trips due to coronavirus

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — McCallie School cancels international trips in the spring and summer due to coronavirus.

At McCallie School students are heading to class. Next month, they’ll be on spring break. School leaders recently wrote a letter to parents and students informing them that upcoming international trips will be canceled due to coronavirus.

One trip was planned for spring break and several others were scheduled for the summer.
They were to various places, including South America, China and Italy.

“We are working with the people who were sponsoring those trips and organizing them to try to find alternatives,” said Bill Steverson, with McCallie School.

Administrators say this was necessary because the safety of students is their top priority.

“We just want to be vigilant. We want to make sure that our first charge as a school is to protect our students and we want to make sure that they are protected,” Steverson said.

McCallie School has more than 30 students from China and several other international students.

“we have decided to leave the dormitories open during spring break for those students. We are going to not just keep them nested in a dormitory. but we are going to give them some trips to the mountains and to the gulf coast and elsewhere,” Steverson said.

The school is taking preventative measures like stocking up on wipes and sanitizer.

“We’ve had zero reports of the coronavirus on campus and we are going to do everything we can to make this campus unwelcoming and unfriendly to the coronavirus,” Steverson said.

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