McKamey Animal Center Hosts 5th Annual Name Your Price Black Friday Pet Adoption Event

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — McKamey Animal Center had its 5th annual “Name Your Price, Black Friday Pet Adoption drive” today.

McKamey had over 600 pets available for adoption as of 10 am this morning. The parking lot was filled beyond capacity as people rushed to adopt pets for Christmas. Executive Director Jamie Mcaloon is looking for owners who are willing to make a long term commitment to their pets.

Jamie McAloon, Executive Director of McKamey Animal Center said, “We screen very carefully to make sure that these are going to be lifetime companions, people aren’t going to adopt and then turn around and give them up. We want to make sure that the animals are something that they’ve really considered and that they really understand what it’s coming with, like puppies, lot’s of work, gonna dig up, re-landscape your yard, that sort of thing, so we have some pretty intense conversations.”

(Cat): “Meow!”

Of course they have dogs and cats, but they also have rabbits, and other animals at Mckamey.

“We have chickens, we have roosters, we have pigs, we have horses, I mean we have pretty much a whole barnyard of animals here, yeah,” said Director McAloon.

But Emma Martin, just wants to bring home Snoopy for Christmas, and today, she was able to do that for mere peanuts.

Emma Martin said, “I just think, if you’re looking for a new animal you should definitely check this place out because there’s a bunch of cute dogs and if there wasn’t Snoopy, I – there would be many options, but thankfully, there is Snoopy.”

This is the perfect opportunity to get a Christmas gift, that not only will the whole family love, but will love the whole family back.

McClain Holmes said, “And a doggie means more doggies and more doggies means, more snuggles with doggies. And I love snuggles with doggies!”

Allen Tate said, “This past summer I did the foster program, and I had adopted a beagle through it, her name was Lola.”

But now Lola needs a friend.

“My big item that I wanted for Christmas was another dog. So, it looks like I’m going to be getting it,” said Tate.

And McClain Homes thinks this dog will be a good influence on her dog at home.

McClain Homes said, “And this one’s so chill and sweet, and our dog’s not very chill, so if we have a chill dog, that means this dog will make our dog chill, and so they’ll both be better for each other.”

And whether you’re bringing home a new dog to its ‘forever home’ or just wanting to make sure you don’t lose the dog you already love at home, one tiny item would make a big difference for your pet.

“One of the best gifts they can get their pet for Christmas is a microchip. Because it’s universal. Everybody checks for them, and it stays inside the animal for it’s lifetime. So if it’s got a chip, it’s going to get it’s way home,” said Director McAloon.

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