Mckee Foods employees honored for saving a co-workers life.

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn – (WDEF) The Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services and McKee Foods honored two McKee Employees for their efforts in saving the life of a co-worker.

These two employees went beyond their job to help a co worker when he needed them the most.

“To the two guys that saved my life, my family really appreciate y’all,”says Robert Dale, the employee that became a patient.

62 year old Robert Dale was working at Mckee Foods factory when he dropped dead to the floor. Dale was having a heart attack and had no pulse.

With EMS still several minutes out, 2 coworkers with the fire brigade stepped in and helped bring Dale back to life, they celebrated them Tuesday morning.

“They really responded to something they don’t usually do and to bring me back to life it was a big, big thing. I’m very blessed that we’ve got people to do that,”says Dale.

Employees says Dale is considered family to them.

Brett Carson/Employee and life saver”When a family member is in need you do what you can to help him. My training here at Mckee Foods has allowed me to do exactly that,”says Brett Carson, Mckee Employee that helped save Dale’s life.

Coworkers from their part of the plant came to show their support.

The two volunteer first responders were awarded plaques as a thank you for their hard and quick work.

“Its so important to have people at a plant, at a factory, at a location that are trained in something just as simple as CPR,”says Ken Wilkerson, Director of the Hamilton County Emergency Management Services.

Dale is back and work and feeling much better.

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