Meet “Do the Right Thing” August winner: Amanda Giovengo

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) –  This shy seven year old sprung into action after she heard about the Chattanooga terror attacks.
        Amanda Giovengo said, "I felt sorry for the people who died, and I wanted to make some money to give to the people who, to their families."
        At 50 cents a cup, she, her brother and cousin sold a lot of lemonade over three hot July days.
        Our crew caught up with her on the final day.
        Amanda Hatten bought lemonade from Amanda that week.  Hatten said, "For her being her age and recognizing they need us the most, as Americans, as Chattanoogans, as Bradley Countians, they need us."
        Gwen Giovengo is Amanda’s Mom.  She said, "A lot of people just donated.  They didn’t want the lemonade.  They just donated to her."
        Amanda raised $317 from her lemonade stand.
        Ron Galante accepted the money on behalf of the Chattanooga Navy League.  He read the front of the envelope Amanda handed him, "It says to the families of our fallen heroes, thank you for your service."
        She gave the majority of it to the Chattanooga Navy League to get to the victims’ families.
        She also wrote a letter, which Galante read aloud, "To the families of US Navy Petty Randall Smith, Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, Marine Corps Sergeant Carson Holmquist, Marine Corps Lance Corporal Skip Wells, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant David Wyatt: I am sorry for your loss.  I had a lemonade stand to make some money to give you."
        Amanda donated the remaining $50 to injured Chattanooga Police officer Dennis Pedigo.
        Galante said, "Because of your thoughtfulness, your hard work, your generosity, and your patriotism, the Chattanooga Navy League is going to make you an honorary member of the Navy League."
        And the Navy League challenge coin and ball cap were also reminders that Amanda Giovengo knows how to "Do the Right Thing."
        Amanda politely thanked him for his gifts.
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