Meet Hamilton County’s Teachers of the Year

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Hamilton County Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson surprised this year’s Teachers of the Year.

Samantha Eaton

Red Bank kindergarten teacher Samantha Eaton won the award for Elementary grades.

She has taught at Red Bank Elementary for the last five years.

She is leading the school’s STEAM emphasis (science, tech, engineering, arts & math).

At the beginning of the year, she had 14 students reading below grade level, 4 at grade level and one above.

Now only two of them are below grade level.

“As I developed my forest kindergarten model, I found significant research on the impact that it would have on my students socially, emotionally and academically, but I never thought I would see the impact so quickly,” Eaton said.

The Superintendent presented Eaton with a bouquet of pink roses.


Jeanne Manley

Jeanne Manley is teacher of the year for the middle grades.

She is an exceptional education teacher at Nolan Elementary.

They cite her deep belief that every child can learn.

But how do you figure out what they can learn?

“I first learn about my student in meetings when they are not present by building a relationship with parents and service providers who can provide me with keys to building blocks of success for each child.”

“I listen to each parent’s hopes and dreams for their child.”

“Requiring a student to be their best, finding what motivates each to learn, building their trust in me to lead them, and celebrating successes are all important steps in our journey together.”

When rain cancelled the Special Olympics, she organized her own Nolan Olympics for her kids.

Dr. Johnson presented her with a Peach rose bouquet.


Nader Mohyuddin

Nader Mohyuddin wins Teacher of the Year for the high school level.

He teaches geometry, honors math & AP Calculus at Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts.

But other than the technical skills, Mohyuddin teaches the process of learning.

Though he teaches more than taking tests, his students have done well on standardized tests.

Three years ago, his geometry students tripled the results of the rest of the district.

Last year, more than 20% of his students were at the mastered level.

He also led the school bid to win a Volkswagen eLab, with a pitch to study hypercubes.

“The Tesseract is a 4-dimensional polytope unable to exist in our realm but can nevertheless be projected into it akin to how a 3-D object can cast a flat shadow.”

“Designing and building a projection of a Tesseract in the VW eLab would help bridge traditional geometry to higher level modes of synthesis and engineering design for my students.”

Dr. Johnson presented Mohyuddin with a gift bag.


The Hamilton County Board of Education will honor the three winners at the February public meeting on Thursday, February 15, and there will also be a special luncheon for the teachers in March to celebrate their accomplishment with family and friends.

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