Meet “Do the Right Thing” June winner: Edna Wiggins

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – It takes more than 200 volunteers every month to help run Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga.

The non-profit helps area homeless families get back on their feet and into a permanent job and home.

You might be surprised to know someone donating her time helps coordinate all those other volunteers.

Volunteer Coordinator Edna Wiggins was definitely caught off guard when News12 Now and Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga Development Director Cary Bayless ambushed her with the win.

Wiggins said, “Thank you all. Thank you. I can’t get over it.”

Family Promise can’t get over her.

Cary Bayless serves as the Development Director for Family Promise. He said, “Each week we have about 200 volunteers, that’s how many people it takes to get our families everything they need, from housing to food, transportation, everything. So it’s a lot of people to manage so when we were looking for a volunteer coordinator, we wanted somebody who had lots of experience, someone who cares about our mission and loves people, and that’s Edna. That’s who she is.”

Wiggins is a volunteer herself. Bayless added, “She is just the definition of a blessing for us. She works just as much as any of the rest of us do, but Edna does it as a volunteer.”

Wiggins worked at TVA for many years before finding her second calling in life. She explained, “I always worked with computers and not people and I always had this passion to work for people, so when I came here and the families are here, the children are here, I wanted to be a part of this. That’s why I volunteer here.”

She added, “My job in getting volunteers to help the staff and be here for the families, because this is the families’ home, because they don’t have another home, is very to me rewarding. I feel rewarded because we’re doing something very positive for families.”

Bayless echoed, “I’ve never seen anyone that Edna has worked with, not leave here with a smile. We could not be more thankful.”

One quick note– The next big fundraiser for Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga happens June 15th.
From 5pm until closing time, the Flying Squirrel will donate 10% of the night’s proceeds to Family Promise.

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