Megan Wise Goes Outside: Fishing

Our partners at Outdoor Chattanooga have sent us out on the Tennessee river with catfishing expert Ty Konkle. Like many people I was very unenthused to be awake at 7:45 am, but as we set out, that soon changed.

After being woken up by the cool morning air, I watched as Ty showed me the basics of catfishing, from baiting a hook to casting a line. Once I had gotten those down it was just a matter of waiting for a bite. While we waited, I mentioned a picture I had recently been shown of a man with a massive catfish, and out of pure coincidence I happened to be standing in the same boat as him. And this perhaps may have bolstered my expectations.

Megan: This is a 90 pounder I can feel it.
Ty: He doesn’t give up does he.
Megan: No, well he certainly felt a lot heavier than that.

He wasn’t 90 pounds but any catfish is large enough to make me not want to touch it.

Megan: what do I do? Ew.
Ty: well that’s what’s nice about these holders is…
Megan: do I have to keep holding
Ty: yea I mean..
Megan: hes not going to eat me is he?
Ty: no he’s not going to eat you
Megan: hes not going to climb up it?

Regardless of the size I had caught my first catfish, something I was very excited about.

Ty: There he is, goodbye mister.
Megan: bye bye. Thank you. When I originally saw the tackle box I was waiting for, you know, what are they lures, lores or something? Lures? I was just assuming we were going to use you know little maggots you know or maybe some minnows, but that was not the case. We got some skip jack, literally cut some frozen fish up and also some Tyson chicken and you what the fish are really biting now.

Ty and I barely had to wait for the bait to hit the water before we got to reel another one in.

They varied greatly in size, but a catfish is a catfish no matter how small so I still wasn’t going to touch them.

Megan:I apologize in advanced if I throw your hooks out.

I was floating on the center of the center of this city and that perspective offered a whole different type of beauty. When we finally decided to head back, we realized we had lost track of time, and spent about 5 hours on the boat. A true testament to just how much fun we had Tennessee river catfishing.

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