Megan Wise Goes Outside: Mountain Biking

When we asked Outdoor Chattanooga what to do next, they directed us to an organization we’re quite familiar with called Southeast Youth Conservation Corps.

It seems they’re always working on newsworthy causes, from cleaning parks, to taking local youth mountain biking.

And today we’d be joining in on their ride on the trails of Stringers ridge, just minutes from Downtown.

Before we started, I had envisioned today as a leisurely ride through the forest.

I was right about the forest part, but leisurely, not so much.

However, I was amazed at the ease in which these kids were peddling their way up the slope.

I suppose working all summer towards receiving your own mountain bike from the Youth Conservation corps could motivate someone to make this climb.

 "We’re trying to teach them commitment and hard work so through that they’re not getting paid to be here if they do the whole program and show up and not miss more than 2 times then they earn their own free mountain bike they get a helmet they’ll get a light and hopefully if we can get some extra funds we’re going to try to get them a lock."

My struggle had it’s own reward, though, because as I reached the top of the slope I got to enjoy the fast paced, zig-zagged trail downward.

"One thing that’s really cool up here is there’s actually ramps that are built and bumps that I never even knew existed and they’re actually really fun."

Of course, you don’t have to fly down the slope to mountain bike, I could of easily followed these ladies from our group and taken the scenic route.

Later in the day I got a chance to speak with some of the kids about what makes mountain biking so fun.

"my favorite part is coming up here to stringers ridge

"my favorite part of the program is when we go on stringers ridge and go on the choo choo i like the tracks and stuff."

"Learning different things about the bikes, the first time i didn’t know how to fix the brakes, but he taught how to do it. Kevin taught how to change gears and stuff, which one is the low gear and which one is the high gear."

Having lived in Chattanooga for 2 years, I had an idea of how popular biking was here.

But until I tried it for myself, I didn’t know just how fun it actually was.

Now I can’t wait to explore new local trails by going Chattanooga Mountain Biking.

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