Megan Wise Goes Outside: SUP & Shooting

This week Outdoor Chattanooga arranged for us to go paddleboarding on the Tennessee River with L2 boards.

Many of the activities we’ve done in this series have required sitting through training classes, piling on safety equipment, and working my way through a learning curve.

But this time, I listened to a quick explanation, was handed a lifevest, and just like that found myself climbing onto the board.

It was much easier to balance on than I expected, and I’ll tell you now that I didn’t fall off, so don’t get your hopes up.

There was no tour guide, no set route, our only restriction was the confines of the Tennessee river.

The sun was hot, but the cool breeze on the water brought balance.

If you’re looking for a way to tan, while simultaneoulsy getting a fullbody workout, paddleboarding is for you.

We had a great time on the river, but we hadn’t planned on having so much time left over.

A few calls and some spur of the moment decision making led us north to Sequatchie county to go shooting with some of the locals.

Before we begin I want to stress how important it is that you take proper safety precautions with firearms. We were lucky enough to go with experienced gunsmen to a family owned location surrounded by miles of private property, but for most people a shooting range with trained professionals will be your safest option.

Carrying on, I have shot a before, but never a rifle quite like this.

My instructor, Riley, explained to me how to lock and unlock the safety, as well as how to position the gun and aim through the scope.

I was a bit anxious, but far more excited to be able to say I shot this rifle.

I hit the target, which was good enough for me, regardless of my proximity to the bullseye.

I also got to test my skill with a handgun.

I was invited to go clay shooting, invited to stay for dinner, and even invited by Riley’s mother Jewell to come back for a cookout the next day, but our time was running out and we needed to get back to the station.

I can think of no better way to show the endless possibilities for outdoor fun in Chattanooga than to go from paddleboarding the tennessee river, to shooting haybell targets on a Sequatchie county farm.

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