Meigs County SRO Accussed of Mishandling Child

DECATUR, Tenn. (WDEF)- A school resource officer is being accused of mishandling a child at Meigs South Elementary School.

Corey Davis said he couldn’t breathe after the school’s resource officer roughed him up trying to get him in the school after having a meltdown.

“Then the officers said ‘you’re gone get up or I’m gone have to whiff you up,'” said Corey.

Little Corey suffers from ADHD and Intermittent Explosive Disorder where he has tantrums from time to time.

Corey’s mom has set up a plan to care for Corey if an episode should happen and says that this situation was handled poorly.

Stephanie Davis stated, “He hollers, ‘mom he choked me, he grabbed my shirt and jerked me up off the ground and drug me into the school.’ At that point I said,’ He Did What!’ The SRO Officer said, ‘You dang right I did and I outta get you for child neglect.'”

Now after speaking with both Meigs County School Board and the police department they both seem to think that this all being made up after they completed a thorough investigation.

Stephanie Davis says she finds it very funny.

Both the school board and the police department would not comment on camera however, Ms. Davis seems to think that because of Corey’s diagnoses he is treated differently at school.

“Whenever something happens negatively and there is two individuals or even more if Corey in that click it’s his fault that something happened , he’s always the one pointed out,” said Mrs. Davis.

According to the Meigs County School Director, the investigation has already finished and there will be no consequences for the officer involved.

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