Memphis Drive residents hold parade to protest sewage holding tank

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A group of residents in Chattanooga whip out the lawn mowers, motorcycles, and cars in efforts to make a statement.

These residents live on Memphis Drive.

Saturday morning, they rallied together for a protest parade.

They say they’re protesting a sewage holding tank that’s to be built in their neighborhood.

Their message is simply they don’t want it to be built near their homes.

In the area of Memphis Drive, the residents say they already deal with sewage issues because of another pump station and fear their problems will only get worse.

“We don’t – we don’t want the health risk that could be caused, that could be caused from this. Not to mention what it’s going to do to our home value. We feel like it’s going to devalue our homes when they put this in here,” said Danny Grimmett.

Grimmett was one of the protesters. Also protesting was Ron McGill.

McGill said, “It can be moved. There’s plenty of property on the other side of CB Robinson bridge. There’s plenty of property there that it can be moved. I mean 7.5 million gallons, you know. They can eliminate building one out on Adams Road. They can eliminate the one on Lupton City.”

These residents have held meetings, and have held other protests voicing their concerns.

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