Mental health’s impact on shootings

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-After mass shootings, in Chattanooga, over back-to-back weekends, and other mass shootings across the country, the impact of mental health has become a focus.

“We’re not being proactive. The whole city, we’re being reactive,” said Pursuit Of Happiness CEO, Michael Gordon.
Last Sunday morning 3 people were killed with 14 people shot near McCallie ave. The weekend prior, six children were shot in Downtown Chattanooga.
“We, as a community, we need to understand what are the stressors and the drivers and the triggers that are causing our kids to feel like they need to join a gang for protection. What, are we doing as a community,” said Gordon.
Gordon said in the community there is starting to be compassion fatigue.
“We don’t see it as real when we witness it on the television so much. When we witness it in the community so much, our immediate thoughts are, it’s just another shooting that’s just another crime. We have to take a step back and understand that these are human lives,” said Gordon.
He said more resources need to be put in place to reach kids earlier in life.
“We see this happening at this age. Let’s go in and sit in some protective factors. Mentors counseling,” said Gordon.
 “And by doing, this we have to become an ally. Do you have to speak with them and actually listen?” said operations executive assistant, Wydedra Foster
 They also said it connects back to parents at home too. If you notice a change in your kids’ sleep schedule, attitude, or mood then that could be a start to a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.
 “Parents just need to be aware of what the youth are involved in. What they’re doing. Once again if they’re not too sure that’s fine we can step in and provide the helping hand,” said Foster.
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