Middle Valley Elementary Welcomes Students

HIXSON, Tenn. (WDEF) – Some 42-thousand students in Hamilton County return to class Thursday.

Almost 800 students started their first day back at the brand new Middle Valley Elementary.

“Traffic flowed very smoothly. Parents parked and came in with their students this morning and it was just a very smooth morning”, said Principal Allyson DeYoung.

Hundreds of children and their parents made their way inside the brand new, multi-million dollar Middle Valley Elementary.

The building is actually a combination of two historic schools Ganns Middle Valley Elementary and Falling Water Elementary.

“Both communities were coming from very smalls schools. From communities with strong and long histories where generations had attended the same school”, said DeYoung.

But they have found a unique way to preserve and pay tribute to both schools.

“6 canvases show history through pictures of Falling Water Elementary and Ganns Middle Valley Elementary. What that does, through each of the pictures that celebrate the individual schools but then there are pictures that kind of celebrate kind of unifying and bring us together”, said DeYoung.

The 150,000 square foot building is completely energy efficient and has the latest technology.

Every classroom is equipped with a 70 inch screen TV with the Apple TV and every teacher has their own iPad.
Since it is a new school, administrators are allowing parents to go into school with their children during drop of hours from 7:30 A-M and 8:30.
However, starting Monday school will start at 8.

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