Mike Trout tops the list of largest contracts in sports after signing record-breaking $430M deal

Bryce Harper may have made history by getting baseball’s biggest contract from the Philadelphia Phillies in February, but Mike Trout now has the biggest contract in all of professional sports.

Weeks after Harper inked a then-record $330 million deal, his fellow star outfielder has taken the cake in terms of big-money deals, landing a 12-year extension with the Los Angeles Angels reportedly worth more than $430 million.

The seven-time All-Star would have been an even more unprecedented free agent in 2020 than Harper and new San Diego Padres infielder Manny Machado were this past offseason, but now Trout is set to potentially finish his career in L.A. as the highest-paid player in his sport. With an average annual salary of more than $35.8 million, Trout has instantly skyrocketed to the top of several all-time contract lists, most notably besting Mexican boxer Canelo Álvarez’s $365 million fight deal from October 2018.

You thought Aaron Rodgers broke barriers when he became the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback in 2018 and, by default, football’s best-compensated player? Boy, do we have news for you.

Trout’s $430 million deal shatters the record for largest ever, thrusting Harper’s own $330 million pact into the rear-view mirror.

Here, we offer a look at the top 10 largest contracts in all of sports now that Trout has been paid (with a capital “P”):

Athlete Sport Contract Total Contract Terms Average
Mike Trout Baseball $430+ million 12 years $35.8+M per year

Canelo Álvarez


$365 million

11 fights

$33.2M per fight

Bryce Harper Baseball $330 million 13 years $25.3M per year

Giancarlo Stanton


$325 million

13 years

$25M per year

Manny Machado Baseball $300 million 10 years $30M per year
Nolan Arenado Baseball $260 million 8 years $32.5M per year

Miguel Cabrera


$248 million

8 years

$31M per year

Albert Pujols


$240 million

10 years

$24M per year

Robinson Cano


$240 million

10 years

$24M per year

James Harden


$228 million

6 years

$38M per year

The most glaring takeaway is that baseball owns the money game. Eight of the 10 largest contracts in sports belong to MLB players, the most handsomely paid of which, of course, is now Trout, whose 12-year agreement was the first to top Álvarez’s $365 million haul. Giancarlo Stanton’s 13-year agreement with the Miami Marlins back in 2014 had him atop the MLB list entering this offseason, but both Harper and Trout have since eclipsed Stanton’s $325M mark.

If you were to break it down specifically by average amount of money made per year, more basketball contracts — like James Harden’s $228-million pact — would be present. For example, Stephen Curry’s $201 million contract wouldn’t qualify for this list since it clocks in at $39 million less than Robinson Cano’s deal in terms of total value, but if you look at how much Curry makes per season as opposed to Cano, the Golden State Warriors star has an obvious upper hand with a per-year average of roughly $16 million more.

Álvarez, in terms of total money earned by year, still owns this conversation if you really break it down. Guys like Floyd Mayweather Jr., who, remember, is technically retired, make plenty of dough off endorsements and PPV hits, but with his 11-fight agreement, Álvarez is set to earn something like $73 million per year over the lifetime of his deal.

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