Military retirees express concerns over Russia-Ukraine crisis

Former Naval officers disappointed, believe Putin is taking advantage of President Biden

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — On Thursday afternoon, President Biden imposed harsh economic sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

However, retired two-star Admiral Vance Fry said he believes Putin does not see Biden as a threat and that the sanctions mean “nothing” for the Russian president.

“Putin senses a weak President,” Fry said. “Significant changes and penalties and so on [don’t] mean anything to somebody like that.”

Retired Navy Captain Mickey McCamish’s beliefs on the President mirrored that of Fry’s, saying that Putin is making the move “because of how weak” Biden is.

“He realizes he can go and do whatever he wants to bring in properties, countries that were part of Russia before the ending of the Soviet Union as we knew [it],” McCamish said. “He realizes he can push our Commander-in-Chief around.”

Despite the crisis overseas, Fry believes that Americans don’t have anything to currently be afraid of regarding the European conflict.

“This is a European war,” Fry said. “Obviously, it’s important what happens overseas. Hopefully, it will not be expanded. I think unless it’s expanded that the American people will be untouched.”

Despite the tensions, McCamish shared a positive message for the people of Ukraine.

“Stay strong, believe in democracy, believe in your leaders and that democracy will win in the end,” McCamish said.

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