Miraculous Mother: Sheila Jetton

Sheila Jetton spent her first two mother’s days in the hospital.  "When she was born she was in respiratory distress and had to be taken straight to NICU, we didn’t get to hold her or anything."

Sheila’s daughter Elizabeth had a rare lung disease, requiring around the clock care, putting this Chattanooga police officer and Navy Veteran in the hardest fight of her life.  "You dream about having a normal child, and a healthy child… And it took me a while to get past the realization that she’s just going to be different."
After several highs and lows, and countless doctors visits and hospital stays, experts determined Elizabeth would need a double lung transplant to survive.  "If another family had not chose organ donation, then Elizabeth would not be here today. So we feel its important to share her story so that people realize how important it is and the difference they can make in another persons life."

Friends and family nominated Shelia as a Miraculous Mom because of the above and beyond care she provides her daughter, while working a full-time job.  "But I also know that there are other moms that are doing a lot more than what I’m doing… And other moms like our donor mom who wont get to celebrate with their child.  So it makes me appreciate what I do have with Elizabeth even though sometimes its not easy."

Because Elizabeth spent so much of her early years sedated and paralyzed, she’s behind developmentally.  But Sheila says she’s starting to walk and just recently started pre-school.  She’s looking forward to celebrating this Mother’s Day together.

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