MLB Prospect Watch: One player on every team’s farm system ready to make a major-league impact in 2019

Baseball’s regular season is nearly upon us. That means, among other things, that we’re nearing the start of a new minor-league season as well.

This year, we’re expanding our coverage of the minors by launching this weekly feature — MLB Prospect Watch — where we’ll track top prospects and top performers for every team and provide bite-sized insights into their seasons and profiles. Sometimes, we’ll even do themed versions of the list — like this week, as we highlight a prospect per team who could make an impact at the big-league level this season. When possible, we picked someone other than the obvious top prospect choice.

Before we jump in, let’s issue a few caveats. Foremost, we aren’t scouts. We’ll talk to scouts and front-office types to inform our evaluations, but we’re not pretending to be gurus here. As such, we’re also going to be deferring to other prospect-based publications: they have more eyes, they have more ears, and they do quality work. Finally, and this is the most important point, remember that minor-league players are woefully underpaid for their work and deserve better.

Now, onto the Watch.

Prospect watch
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