Mobility Awareness: Brianna Mosley

RINGGOLD, GA (WDEF-TV) One Georgia mother wants to bring awareness that many families all over the world has to deal with and that is a child with disability.

Kristy Peters held back tears as she stressed the importance of getting a reliable vehicle for her on her disabled 18-year-old daughter, Brianna Mosely.

“I cannot fail, I cannot fail to do this for her,” said Peters.
She now was asking for help something she said never like to do when it comes to her daughter Brianna.

“I hate it. I hate having to depend on someone else, because I was raised to be very independent,” said Peters.

She is a single mother of two girls. Her oldest daughter Brianna suffers from V.A.T.E.R. and because of it she has a whole host of problems such as the inability to use her muscles, unable to
verbally express her needs, epilepsy and she blind.

Mother, Kristy, has taken care of her with almost no help for 18 years, and it’s no problem until the unthinkable happens.

“Our car just kind of died and black smoke just started coming from under the hood,” said Peters. “SO we pulled over and we though it just overheated but it wasn’t. We couldn’t get it to crank or move or do anything. We were pretty much stranded 30 miles outside of Nashville for two and a half-hours.”

She was only trying to take her daughter to a doctor’s appointment at Vanderbilt Hospital. There was no way for anyone to transport her disable daughter and her wheelchair to the hospital.

Kristy has found out about a group called Mobility Works that provides assistance with cars and other services for people with disabilities, and she thinks it may be the answers to her prays.

“This year they’re giving away four handicap accessible vans,” she said.

This is a contest that is help in the United States and Candidate, and it could be the answer to what Kristy and Brianna need.

“They make those vans according to their needs and disabilities, or their mobility issues,” said Peters.

She asks that everyone participate in this not only for her daughter, but everyone who goes through this struggle daily.

Voting ends May 9, 2014.

If you want to vote for Brianna Mosley and help get her the wheelchair or to learn more about Mobility Awareness. (to vote for Brianna Mosley) (For more information about Mobility Awareness)

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