Mocs Coach Katie Burrows Eager To Meet With Players Again

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) It’s been tough for an out-going coach like the Mocs Katie Burrows to not be able to engage her players face-to-face because of the coronavirus pandemic. All Burrows can do is just try to remain her usual out-going self.

Doing the interview from her car, carpool karaoke was about the only thing that didn’t break out with Katie Burrows.

Said Burrows:”I just want you to know, and you can put this on the news. My husband is standing in front of the car waving his hands. Being goofy. Trying to distract me.”
It can be kind of distracting for Burrows trying to spell and pronounce the name of her latest signee Sigrún Björg Ólafsdóttir of Iceland.

Said Burrows:”I can’t say her official last name. Her first name is Sigrún. It’s S I G R U N, and then of course it has got that accent over the ‘u’ I believe? But then I can’t say her last name yet. We will be giving her a nickname. She doesn’t know that yet. I’m hoping she comes with a nickname.”

Whether it’s giving someone a nickname or giving someone grief. Burrows can’t wait to do that again face-to-face.

Said Burrows:”We have our head coaches meetings every week, but again it’s not the same. You know cracking on Frank Reed (Softball coach) is a lot different over the phone than it is in person. It’s just so much more fun.” (laughter)

If only laughter was the best medicine to end the coronavirus shut down of sports and Mocs basketball.

Said Burrows:”With our players I’ve had some zoom meetings with them over the last couple of weeks and just trying to stay connected and talk through some things with them. The very first questions that’s asked is when can we come back. They can not wait, and it’s for a lot of reasons. Like they miss each other. They’re not seeing each other, and we miss them. We miss being apart of their lives. We’re looking forward to all being back together soon, hopefully. Gosh. I need it. Everybody does.”

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