Mocs Face Big Challenge Despite Vols 0-2 Start

Before the season started, no one looked at the Mocs-Vols game as a must-win situation for Tennessee. Then again, no one expected the Vols to be 0-2.
Chattanooga hopes their not running into a sleeping SEC giant.

When the Mocs look at Tennessee, the Vols 0-2 record is not part of the conversation.
Said head coach Rusty Wright:”You know we haven’t even talked about it. It’s a good football team. It doesn’t matter if they were going to be 2-0 or 1-1. It’s going to be a tall challenge for us.”
Reporter:”You guys are under a lot of pressure coach. 0-2 coming into this game. What are your expectations coming into this Saturday’s game?”
Said Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt:”Well you know every week we have the same expectations, and that’s to be at our best. The previous games will have no outcome on the next game.”
Vols fans may feel discourse, but Coach Wright says UT may be on the corrective course.
Said Wright:”They’ve figured out how to run the football a different way.”
Said Mocs linebacker Ty Boeck:”You know their backs are a lot faster than anything we’ve seen this year. Of course they’ve got two great backs. Probably the strength of their program right now.”
The Vols hope to get after Mocs quarterback Nick Tiano.
Said Pruitt:”Got a quarterback that’s a big guy that can spin the ball out there and hurt you in the run game.”
Despite Tennessee’s struggles, they’re still favored by four touchdowns over the FCS Mocs.
Said Wright:”There’s going to be some bad match-ups for us. No question there are some bad match-ups for us, but we have to limit those things. Like I said the kicking game is going to be the biggest. That’s when the game gets out of control. You get people spread out and in space. A guy that’s a really good player with the ball in his hands. Now they’ve got I’m sure four-star guys blocking guys that I don’t know, walked on from somewhere running down covering a kick. That’s the difference. That’s when things can get out of control.”>

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