Mocs Relive Thrilling Bria Dial Buzzer Beater Against Wofford

The Mocs Bria Dial hit one of the most exciting shots in UTC history on Saturday against Wofford. After catching a pass from Abbey Cornelius, Dial buried a corner three at the buzzer to give Chattanooga a 51-49 win. Wofford actually went up by one with five seconds to go, before the Mocs dialed up a winner.

Said Cornelius:”Five seconds. We knew five seconds was a ton of time.”
Said head coach Katie Burrows:”So with five seconds left. You’ve got time for about four dribbles and a shot.”
Reporter:”What was the play supposed to be?”
Said Cornelius:”So the play was supposed to be I cut up. Lake (Lakelyn Bouldin) throw it to me. We were wanting to get it back to Lakelyn to be able to create something. They did a really good job covering her.”
Reporter:”You were just kind of just. Kind of just standing in the corner. Is that kind of where you were supposed to be?”
Said Dial:”Yes. I was just supposed to be standing there. (laughter) Just spaced out. I was supposed to be standing there.”
Reporter:”How did you see Bria over there?”
Said Cornelius:”I mean I don’t know that I saw her initially, but when I jumped out-of-bounds, she was there. It just worked out.”
Said Dial:”I was like. I was calling for it, but at the same time, I was so nervous. I was shaking. I was like I’m going to have to shoot this one whenever I get it.”
Said Burrows:”As soon as Abbey let the pass go, my eyes went to the clock. I didn’t even see the ball leave Bria’s hands. I knew she was going to shoot it, but I was just thinking to myself. Get this off.”
Said Dial:”Soon as it left my hand, I knew it was going in. I was like that’s in there. Soon as it left.”
Said Burrows:”It was really cool how it like went through the net as the buzzer sounded.”
Cornelius:”That was so fun. Just to celebrate with our team like that. For Bria to win the game that way. It was awesome.”
Reporter:”And then you held the pose. What was the deal with that?”
Said Dial:”(laughing) I mean I just knew it was going in. I was like. That’s game right there. I’m just going to leave it up there.”
Reporter:”How many times have you re-watched it?”
Said Dial:”A lot. And everybody has reminded me a lot. (chuckles)
Said Cornelius:”It was a huge win, and it gives us a lot of confidence moving forward.”
Said Burrows:”It’s nice to see the encouragement and the excitement surrounding it, and to know all these people are supporting us. And we stopped and got some ice cream on the way home.”

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