Mocs Running Back Ailym Ford Pioneering Home Workouts

College athletes are having to do their own at-home workouts since schools are closed for the coronavirus. But that hasn’t been a problem for Mocs running back Ailym Ford. He has crafted home workouts for years.

Reporter:”How did that all get started?”
Said Ford:”You know I’ve been doing this since I was younger. It really came into light in high school and college.”
Reporter:”What was the first kind of unique workout you ever recall doing?”
Said Ford:”I used to do this thing called brick work. Just pick up bricks and slam them. Slam it. Curl it. Different things with it.”
Reporter:”Have you ever heard of a gym before?”
Said Ford:”Of course.” (laughter)
Reporter:”Why is it you utilize boxing a lot?”
Said Ford:”I’ve always had a passion for boxing. I really enjoy boxing. I plan on having a future in boxing. I feel like it’s a great cardio workout. It’s not too hard on your body. It helps you use hand-eye coordination and things like that.”
Reporter:”You mentioned you may have a future in boxing. Does that mean after your playing days, you may try to step in the ring?”
Said Ford:”Maybe.”
Reporter:”What’s one workout that maybe you invented, and you started doing it, and you went whoa. This is. This is rough or this is harder than I thought, or maybe it benefited you more than you thought?”
Said Ford:”I’d say pushing vehicles. Sometimes they end up rolling back. You’ve got to find a way to make it stop.”
Reporter:”Whose mini-van is that?”
Chuckles Ford:”My moms.” (laughter)
Reporter:”I think I saw (Mocs linebacker) Ty Boeck pushing a vehicle. Is that right?”
Said Ford:”Yes sir. I’ve got a whole lot of guys around the city re-posting a video and posting their own version of it. Got everybody out there pushing cars.” (laughter)
Said Mocs head coach Rusty Wright:”That young man is unique in a lot of different avenues and ways in how he attacks things and how he tries to figure out a way to workout with what he’s got. He’s got a car, a tire, boxing gloves, and a hammer. He’ll figure out a way to workout.”
Said Ford:”Yeah it’s a way to be different. It’s a way to be unique. I say you’ve got to go get it. Nothing is just handed to you, so I always just felt a need to go get it.”

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