Mocs Softball Team Digging Home Run Chain

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) After Aly Walker homered for UTC on Friday in the SoCon tournament, she became royalty.
She was crowned with the Mocs dazzling home run chain.

Said first baseman Emma Sturdivant:”One of the dads Scottie Swafford got it for us. He’s our big hype man in the stands, so when he gave it to us, it would only be right to honor him to get hyped for a home run.”
Reporter:”How did the design come about?”
Said Sturdivant:”Honestly I have no clue. Cameren says he has a bedazzler now, so he bedazzled it for us, and we also have like a heavyweight wrestling belt for defensive plays. It’s the same way. He’s making good use out of the bedazzler. We forget it a lot, but it’s not heavy.”
Reporter:”You say we forget it a lot, where is it left?”
Said Sturdivant:”It’s left in our locker room. Whoever is the keeper of the chain has the last home run of the day. You have to bring it until the next person hits a home run, and they you crown them with the chain.”
Reporter:”Keeper of the chain. That sounds like something from ‘Game of Thrones’.”
Said Sturdivant:”Keeper of the chain. Yeah. Yep. Pretty special.”
Said head coach Frank Reed:”I told them when I first saw it that if we are bringing this down here to keep up with time, then the clock is not working, so you better put some batteries in it.”
Said Sturdivant:”I mean it’s cool to know that you are about to be crowned with it, and it’s cooler that it’s always the person that hits the home run before you because they want you to do well, so they are happy to pass it along to you. So it’s cool.”
Said Reed:”In our sport you have a little bit more time to do that kind of stuff with softball and baseball. It does make it fun to have that in the dugout, and I love seeing them get excited about that.”
Reporter:”Do other teams comment about that.(the chain)”
Said Sturdivant:”I haven’t heard any teams comment about it. I’ve seen some teams copy it. I’ve seen some teams copy it. We were first. We had this the first weekend.”

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