Mocs Strength Coach and Offensive Lineman Marvel at Dead Lifting World Record

Hafthor Bjornsson, aka Thor, aka ‘the Mountain’ from Game of Thrones, lived up to his giant nicknames last weekend with an unofficial weightlifting world record.
Dude dead lifted 1,104 pounds.
That certainly impresses a strength coach like UTC’s Ethan Reeve, as well as big Mocs offensive lineman Harrison Moon.
They even ponder what a man like that could possibly do on the gridiron.

Watching one human dead lift 11-hundred pounds. Yes. That’s counts as amazing.
Said Moon:”I mean like how. How do you do that? Your body isn’t meant for that. Like how did you get to that point?”
Said Reeve:”When you have the weight in your hands, and you put your feet on the ground. As soon as you see those plates. As soon as they leave the ground. Leave the platform. Now everything is innovative. Those tendons and ligaments and muscles. Everything is brought into play. Everything.”
Said Moon:”He made it look relatively easy. I’m just impressed that he walked away from it. He didn’t pass out or faint or fall over or whatever. He just got excited like he had a PR, personal record. Just another day at the office for him. I mean there’s being sore. But I didn’t even know what 1,100 pounds. There has got to be a feeling beyond sore.”
Reeve puts Thor’s feats of strength in perspective by comparing it to what a typical strong football player dead lifts.
Said Reeve:”Most of the guys we are going to get are somewhere in the 400 to maybe 600 range. You don’t get that much. The guy is doing twice as much as what most of our guys ever did. I don’t know if you know this, he actually was a basketball player. He actually played pro basketball in his country of Iceland.”
If he was agile enough to play basketball, well imagine what the now 6-9 450-pounder could do on the gridiron, if he had just a little mobility.
Said Reeve:”If he can move his feet with as strong as he is, and a coach can get ahold of him and teach him how to block or whatever they are going to do with him. Obviously he’s going to be an offensive lineman more than likely. Then he can be dangerous. I mean he could be dangerous.”
Said Moon:”If you put him at center. His wingspan. His weight. You’re not getting around him. You’re not getting through him. Just tell him to stand there. It would be a blast watching film seeing how many guys he knocked over. Pancakes left and right. Oh it would be a blast.”
Reporter:”If a cornerback was left one-on-one with him, I mean do you just get down in the fetal position. I mean it’d be worthless wouldn’t it for the defensive back?”
Said Moon:”I’d say if the defensive back tried to take him on, you’d probably want to get the stretcher and trainers ready.”

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