Mom files lawsuit over tazing of her son at Cumberland County High

CROSSVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – We shared the release from Crossville Police on why officers felt they needed to use a taser on a 14 year old student at Cumberland County High.

Now the boy’s mother is filing a lawsuit over the incident, saying there is much more to the story.

Crossville Police say they were called to the school to deal with an unruly student who was 6’4″ and 240 pounds.

They say he taunted them that it would take all five of the officers to take him in.

After fighting with them, they used the taser to bring him under control.

But the boy’s mother says it never should have come to that.

She tells WVLT-TV that her son has been diagnosed with ADHD, opposition defiance disorder and disruptive mood regulation disorder.

She says he got angry when a teacher ordered him to clean up a mess that he didn’t create.

He left the classroom to tell the vice-principal what happened.

At one point, he demanded they give him his phone so he could call his mother, but was denied it.

She says she has had problems with the school before.

She says her lawsuit isn’t about getting money, but holding school officials accountable.

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