Mom To Mom – How Blue Light Glasses Can Improve Your Kid’s Health

Blue light is a spectrum of light, very similar to that given off by the sun. If you think about it, our bodies are designed to function with the rhythm of the sun. It’s called our circadian rhythm. When you start to mess with your circadian rhythm, it can affect things like the way you pay attention, how rested you feel. Long term effects of being exposed to blue light can even cause things like weight gain, depression, increased risk of things like blood pressure issues and even cancer. Just by wearing blue light blocking glasses, it’s going to not only give your kids the energy they need, help them sleep better, but can really set them up for long term benefits.

Your kids are being exposed from their phones, from their tablets, from their computers, even the TVs at night. By wearing these glasses … And you can even have ones that look like mine where you can’t even tell they’re blue light blockers, but it’s going to reduce your risk of things like anxiety, depression. It’s even been shown extra exposure to blue light can cause even weight gain and increase your risk of heart disease.

Wearing these blue light blocker, when you’re in front of a screen, it’s going to help you sleep better. It’s going to be overall just better for their systems in general.

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