Mom to Mom: Early Pregnancy Workout

So many women out there, when they first get pregnant, they don’t know how to work out, when to work out. Val Smorol from Smofitness offers these quick tips.

Val Smorol, “So many women, they come to me, and you’re like, “What do I do?”

“These are some really great ways to strengthen the core, and it’s gonna help with delivery and recovery. We’re gonna work the lower TA muscles, which is the rubber band like muscles that go right here. I want you to put your hands there. You’re gonna roll your hips under, till you feel those rubber bands tighten.”

“The first exercise we’re gonna do, is you’re gonna take 10 deep breaths in that position. What you’re doing is, you’re training you’re muscles to contract. If you are able to, after you do this for a week or two, you can work on lifting one leg, and lowering it slowly. As you can see, you’re not breaking a sweat. You can do this when you wake up in the morning, when you go to bed.”

“To make it a little more advanced, you can go straight leg like Kate is. Then, you’re just gonna switch legs. What you’re doing, is you’re just pulling those abdominal muscles back together. This is really good before baby, and then, after baby, as well.”

“You’re gonna be shocked how much those little movements will make you sore tomorrow.”

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