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Today on Mom to Mom, we’re going to find out what exercise snacking is. All I know about exercise snacking is it doesn’t involve bags of chips. Joining with me today is Amanda Nighbert, who is a registered dietician. Amanda, what is exercise snacking?

Definitely doesn’t include food, that’s for sure. So exercise snacking is this new trend, and it involves doing small bursts of exercise throughout your day. The way that we sometimes snack throughout the day.

There’s actually a lot of research that’s showing that sitting is the new smoking. It’s really bad for you. So the ability to get up once an hour and do two to three minute burst of activity, maybe two to three minutes of jumping jacks or burpees, if you’re really going at it hard, can be really beneficial.

You could do it four times a day. You could do it once an hour. Anytime that you can get up and get that little burst in your heart rate is going to improve your overall health.

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