Mom To Mom – How to Make Grinch Kabobs

Today on Mom to Mom we’re going to show you a quick and easy last minute snack to take to your child’s Christmas party. Today we’re making Grinch kabobs. We’ve all had those dreadful moments where our kids come to us at last second, “Mom, I need a snack for school tomorrow,” and then we’re panicked and freaked out and don’t know what to do. This is really easy. It takes 10 minutes. You’ve got all the ingredients probably in your refrigerator, and then boom, you got a snack for tomorrow.

Here’s everything you need. We’ve got our grapes. Just stick it on the kebab stick. Then you’ve got your bananas. Then of course the strawberries and the funnest part to my kids are the mini marshmallows. Boom, and you’ve got a Grinch kebab. As moms, we always want to do something super cute for snack time and seem like we have it together, so if you’re always getting chips, you can step your snack game up to these Grinch kabobs. They seriously only take five or 10 minutes. You can get your kids involved and just enjoy it altogether.

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