Mom To Mom – Make Treats Your Dogs Will Love

We love our fur babies, right? Here’s how to make a treat they’re going to go wild for.

We’re making peanut butter banana dog treats. It’s super easy to do, three ingredients. We’ve got out banana, we’ve got peanut butter, and we’ve got our ground oats. First thing you want to do is set your oven to 350 degrees. Then, you want to mash your banana up, which I already have in the bowl. Then we’re going to throw in our peanut butter really quickly. Basically, you just want to use a cup of peanut butter, which I already have measured out. And then you want a cup and a half of ground oats. What I did is I put this in a blender, and I got them nice and fine. So we’re just going to throw those in together, and then we’re going to mix it up. To save time, I already have some mixed up and ready to go. I did chill it for about an hour just to get it nice and cool. I also saved some of the oats that I had off to the side, just a little bit, because you want to put it on your paper. And then this is when we roll it out.

So I just put it on here, and I like to flatten it out. You can use a rolling pin if you like. So now that I have it all rolled out on our pan, I’m just going to use my dog bone cookie cutter that I got online, and I’m just going to make fun little shapes like this. Once you’ve made your cut, you just pull it out and place it on your pan, and you’re ready to keep making more. Once you get your dog bones cut out, you’re going to cook these in the oven for about 15 minutes or until the edges are just a little bit brown. Let them cool, and then they’re ready to serve to that fur baby of yours. I’ll tell you, my dog absolutely loves these.

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