Mom To Mom – Make The Trip Enjoyable With These Car Hacks

We have car hacks that every mom should know that will make the car trips a lot more enjoyable.

Mom To Mom Air FreshenerFirst is a DIY air freshener. We all know those air fresheners can be pretty expensive. This one is not. All you’re going to need is a clothes pin, some puffy balls, some glue. And of course, your essential oils. Once you get this assembled together, you put it in your car AC unit. And then of course, you have a wonderful smell and it lasts a very long time.

Mom To Mom Silicone Cup HoldersNext, we have these silicone cupcake holders. Basically, you just drop this down into your cup holders and then pull it out whenever they’re nasty and you don’t have to worry about cleaning out those cup holders in your car. Brilliant idea.

Next, we’ve got a fun little thing for your kiddos when you’re on those long trips. Basically, you want to take these post-it notes, put the times on them from when you’re traveling. So if you’re traveling at 3:00, put 4:30 on there, 5:30 on there, 6:30. And for every time that you hit, you hand them a treat. So it actually gives your kiddos something to look forward to. These car hacks have definitely been beneficial for our family.

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  • Mandy Williamson
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