Mom to Mom: Making Sure Your Kids Do Their Homework

Here are some helpful tips from Dr. Meenach on getting your kid’s homework done.

“It’s definitely that time of the year for homework. The most important thing I think you need to realize is every child is different. So, some kids are great about coming home, doing their homework, they have a quick snack. They’re able to complete their homework. They’re done by dinner. They can have the whole evening to do what they want.

Other children really need a break. They need to come home. They need to spend an hour so to kind of re-energize. Have dinner with their family, and then start to do their homework so that it’s completed by the end of the night.

What’s important is to realize what your child needs and what kind of homework they have and how much time that they need, so that they can be completed in the evening before bed time and then get the right amount of sleep.

So, what’s important is to have a good space for studying. So, distraction free. No cell phones, no TVs, they can really focus in on their homework. Communicate with the teacher. Make sure you know what they’ll have that day that’s going to be due tomorrow or what’s going to be due at the end of the week.

Communicate with your child. Make sure you ask them what they need to do. Some kids will forget and then the end of the night right before bed, it’s time to do their homework. So, making sure all those things are in order will create academic success for your child.”

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