Mom To Mom – Mix Up Peeps, Oreos and Pudding Cups for a Fun and Crafty Treat

We’re making Peep Oreo pudding cups, and they’re both delicious and adorable. These are super easy to make. All you need is some pudding, some Oreos, Starburst, Peep, some Trolley Worms, and maybe some edible grass to make it all look super cute together. So first you want to crush some Oreos. It’s usually about one per pudding cup, depending on how many you’re making. Then you want to stick it right in the pudding. Then you want to take your peeps and just stick it right into the crushed Oreos.

Then you can either take your Trolley Worms and put it in there, or I like to do Starburst. You take an orange Starburst and kind of mold it into a carrot. And then this is where the edible grass comes in. I just take a little pinch of the edible grass to make it look like an actual carrot with the greens on top. You can decorate however you like. But I personally like to have a rabbit with a carrot, but if your kids love the trolley warms more, just shove them right into the pudding and serve it right up.

These are really fun to make for an after school snack, or you can actually send them to a school party.

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  • Mandy Williamson
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