Mom to Mom: Pregnancy Workout

Sarah Pannell, “Today, we’re going to show you a total body workout for you pregnant moms out there. I’ve got Val here with me, thank you so much for joining us today.”

Val, “Yeah, so glad to be back.”

Sarah, “You’re going to go over a total body workout.”

Val, “Yeah, so full body-”

Sarah, “For you pregnant moms out here.”

Val, “Full body workout that’s safe for pregnant mamas. We’re going to do a squat with overhead presses, I like to put two workouts together. We have our bands on just because it makes it a little harder for us mamas that can’t lift too much right now, so it’s just going to give a little more resistance, which is going to be a little more while we’re doing the squat.”

Sarah, “Okay.”

Val, “So you want to keep elbows up, have it around the center of your face, we’re going to go down and overhead press. The next one we’re going to do, we’re still going to work the whole body. So we’re just going to hold the ball up around your chest and we’re going to go side to side, so squat, together. You can go forward if you want, if you can do it with the weight, that’s perfect. So next, we’re going to do a forward lunge, so we’re still working all legs. So while you’re doing the lunges, you want to make sure as you’re doing the front raises, your arms are straight the entire time, and when you’re doing the bicep curls, just make sure your exhaling when you do the bicep curls.”

Sarah, “So for moms out there, pregnant moms, not pregnant moms that want to join the next round-”

Val, “They can join November 5th.”

Sarah, “So a little bonus up there, you have a special code.”

Val, “I do. If you put MOM2MOM, you can get $10 off the next round November 5th.”

Sarah, “All right, girl. Thanks so much for coming.”

Val, “No problem. Thanks for having me.”

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