Mom To Mom – Does As Seen On TV’s Angry Mama Really Work?

We’re testing out the Angry Mama As Seen On TV product. Will it be a thumbs up or thumbs down?

Angry MamaAngry Mama is used to clean those nasty microwaves. And according to the box, it’s fairly easy. The instructions says, “It’s going to steam away the stains and odors, and as easy as adding vinegar and water, microwaving for seven minutes, and then you’re going to just wipe it clean after two minutes.”

Pull off her head, and it’s got marks where it tells you to fill the vinegar and the water. So we’re going to go ahead and fill that up. Now, our water, simple enough, right? Then we put her back together. Well, Angry Mama right here.

Angry Mama in MicrowaveThe instructions say to “put it in for seven minutes.” So we let her sit for two minutes, and it says “to grab Angry Mama by the arms because they stay cool.” Pour the solution onto a sponge, and then you wipe the microwave out.

My microwave was pretty nasty, and she seemed like she did a really decent job of kind of loosening things up. The smell isn’t that pleasant, because the hot vinegar kind of released into the air makes it slightly stinky.
But having a nice clean microwave, I would say the Angry Mama is a thumbs up. If you have an as seen on TV product you would love for us to try, you can always hit us up on our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips. – Mandy Williamson

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