Mom To Mom: Tips on Getting Your Kids to Do Chores

Do your kids hate chores as much as mine do?

My kids are 8 and 6 and are just now getting into doing chores. In hindsight, I was trying to get started a little bit earlier, a two year old can start with easy chores such as cleaning up their room, getting their socks out and putting them on by themselves, putting the dirty clothes in the hamper, those are all easy things that a two year old can do and give themselves a sense of accomplishment.

As the kids get older, the chores get a little bit harder and they can take on some of mom’s chores and give mom a little bit more free time. Chores such as folding your clothes, helping to do the laundry, dress themselves, pick out their own clothes. They can help set the table, help you load the dishwasher, put the dirty dishes in the sink, and make their bed in the morning.

So little things that the moms are doing right now, they can do for you.

With chores, it always comes with incentives. Whether that’s a monetary incentive, whether that is screentime incentive, playtime, snack time. Whatever motivates your child, that’s what you should work into chores.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing at home. Like us on Facebook and send me what you’re doing with your kids and chores. I’ll see you next week. – Sarah Pannell

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