Mom To Mom – Keep the Kids Busy With Christmas Sensory Bags

Got little ones at home? We have a perfect Christmas activity for your kiddos. Sensory bags. I love them. Not only do they help their fine motor skills, but they’re also fun and it keeps them really busy. So I’m always looking for different sensory bags. I came across this really cute Christmas activity that my son just absolutely fell in love with.

All you need is a gallon bag. Then if you’re a good drawer, then you can draw yourself a Christmas tree on that bag. But I am not, so therefore I used a Christmas tree stencil. Also, you’re going to need some hair gel. I got this at the dollar store. And then you need some color. This is really easy to find. You can get it at any craft store. Also, we have some fun stuff. I just happened to have the stuff lying around, but again, you can get it at craft stores. This is going to be used for our ornaments.

All right, so first you want to put your hair gel and your liquid watercolor paint in the bag. Then you want to throw in your ornaments. So I wouldn’t give them all of it. Just use a handful, put it in the Ziploc bag, then zip it shut. Then you want to tape it, because if you don’t tape it, then your kid’s going to be tempted to dig in that and you’re just going to have a mess on your hand. So once you get all that together, then you’re going to show your kids how to do it. So to me, it’s best way described as you’re coloring inside the lines.

You want to push all the hair gel in the Christmas tree, along with the ornaments. And they have a lot of fun doing this. It’s a really fun activity, and I hope that your kids enjoy it. And if you’ve got any ideas, please share them up on our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips.

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