MOMentum Network Helps Young Single Mothers in College

The group encourages encourages and enables success with parenting and school

The idea of community in Chattanooga lives through one premise: neighbors helping their neighbors.

The Momentum Network brings a sense of community, and success to young, single mothers who are also trying to graduate college.

Welcome to the MOMentum Network, where young, single mothers can get just about everything they need for their young lives: advice, career counseling, …even simple things like dinner. But it all revolves around one simple proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

MOMentum Network founder Cara Hicks: “‘It takes a village.’ We say that all the time. It takes a village, and we’re better together. To have our mentors here, and to be that support that the single moms need to succeed is just really fulfilling.”

Today’s meeting focused on budgeting money. Single mothers have to watch where their money goes for themselves *and* their child. These moms are also in college, working to show their children that being a parent doesn’t have to stop them from higher achievements.

Ruona (a parent in the network): “It takes a village, and I really believe in that because most of the time, a lot of us or people just feel like they can do stuff by themselves but I don’t necessarily believe in that because you would crash if you tried to do stuff on your own.”

Hicks: “We come along, single moms in college to help them complete their degree and to build the life skills that they need to succeed.”

Every meeting has a purpose. Every meeting is to build community. In *this* community, the definition holds true: the feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

The MOMentum Network has two spots opening up, come around Valentine’s Day for future mothers. If you’d like to be a part of it, head to their website,

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