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Think of it as an Olympic Torch Relay for Memorial Day

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – They were here just a couple of days ago. A big bus, parked at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

The nonprofit called “Carry The Load” wants to highlight the true meaning of Memorial Day.

So they walk. And walk. Through and around places such as this hallowed ground.

“We come to places such as this cemetery to pay our respects. We certainly don’t want to cause a ruckus. But these are the people we’re walking for. We want them to be remembered.”

Carry The Load was started back in 2011. This time of the year, the group branches out into five different routes in the USA. One of those routes coming through the Scenic City. And our cemetery.

They walk in relay style. 48 states. Think of the Olympic Torch. They walk not only for our fallen veterans, not only for our living veterans…..but for all of our nations heroes.

“We carry all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Police, fire department, EMS, military, you name it. If they’ve made that ultimate sacrifice, then we honor them.”

This year’s walk started over two weeks ago, in Vermont. With many, many stops along the way. Each group walks about five miles every two hours.

Not only walking. But talking.

“That’s part of the reason why we walk. So we can tell and hear stories. We say you die two deaths. One, when you take your last breath. And the second time, when your name is called for the last time.”

The walk continues all this week. Ending this coming Memorial Day Weekend, in Dallas.

Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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