More To The Story: The Litter Challenge

Dave meets some Soddy Daisy residents who compete over picking up litter

SODDY DAISY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Saturday morning in Soddy Daisy. Folks are gathering for the final day of a weeklong challenge.

See who can collect the most litter. With various prizes on the line.

It’s all part of what the group “Keep Soddy Daisy Beautiful” does. Beginning last year. Assemble, hit the roadways……and start collecting trash. Lots of trash.

“When we moved here, we realized the trash problem was unlike many other parts of the country. And we found that others felt the same way. It took getting the word out. And people have responded. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

In its first year of work, the group collected roughly 20 bags of trash.
This year, over 50 bags were tied up and taken to an area landfill.

Litter seems to be a problem for just about every community in America. Jim Stewart says it appears that Soddy Daisy has more than its fair share. That begs the question: why?

“That’s a very good question. We’ve talked with many people. And trash in this area is a real problem. We need people working together to solve this problem.”

There were 18 teams formed for the weeklong venture. Some 400 volunteers total.

In the future, the group is hoping for more help in beautifying this community.

“We’d like to have some sidewalks, as well as some trees planted. We’d just like to make the area more beautiful. So this was our first venture into that.”

And the group says it has no plans whatsoever in “slowing down” its efforts to remove as much litter as it possibly can.
From Soddy Daisy, Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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