More To The Story: The story behind the Lumberjack Calendar

Tree Service created a calendar of their men dressing up as lumberjacks

FORT OGLETHORPE (WDEF) – It’s adoption day at a pet store in Fort Oglethorpe. Our “fur babies” are all over the place. Check this out: eight Great Pyrenees puppies. Two weeks old. Priceless.

And here’s my new friend. Julie. Julie works for the Lumberjacks Tree Service here in Chattanooga. She knows lumberjacks. Actually, I’m looking FOR lumberjacks. But………

“No lumberjacks here today! They’re all out on job sites. Cutting down trees.”

But what I did find are calendars. Lots of calendars. 2023 calendars featuring….lumberjacks. Who work for the tree service.

It’s the first time the tree service has done this kind of thing. The organization is out and about all over our area. At various locations.

Selling calendars for 20 bucks a pop. With all proceeds going towards East Ridge Animal Services.

Julie says the men had a ball posing for the pictures.

“There was no coaxing of the guys. They were great and had so much fun. We played music in the background. Everybody was in the mood. It was a blast.”

There is a twist to the story though, concerning these calendars that also went on sale on-line just a few weeks ago. You see, not all of the featured men are actually lumberjacks. What?

“They are not all lumberjacks. Most are. But we do feature some friends of the service. They are the lumber-snacks! They are featured as well.”

Lumberjacks. Lumber-snacks. It’s all there for you in living color. The calendars will be on sale…in person and on-line….until at least December 15th.

From Fort O, Dave Staley, News 12.

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